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Pre Sale Questions

Royal honey, commonly referred to as queen bee honey, is a well-known variant of honey infused with a blend of diverse herbs. This concoction is reputed to be five times more potent, aiming to boost energy levels and address concerns related to erectile dysfunction. We appreciate your contact with etumax.my.

Individuals with heart conditions or high blood pressure are advised not to use this product.

We indeed have a diverse range of products catering to different requirements. Particularly for women, we provide Royal Honey for HER. It is recommended to consume one sachet an hour after breakfast and two hours after dinner to enhance sexual desires.

To place an order, kindly furnish us with the following details: Name, Address, Plot Number, House or Office Number, Area Name, Landmark, and City. You can send your information to us at +60165092254.

Post Sale Questions

Consume one sachet of the honey either two hours after dinner, two hours before engaging in sexual activity, or on an empty stomach. Mix the sachet with half a glass of warm water or warm milk. You will observe the effects two hours after taking the honey, and its benefits will endure for approximately one week.

Approximately 3 in every 1,000 individuals may encounter a slight headache or muscle discomfort.

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